Alex P. Swan

308 NW 67th Street, Seattle, WA, 98107

Skills (ordered by experience)

Web Development:

  1. Back end: PHP, Node.JS, MySQL, MongoDB, Python
  2. Front end: Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/CSS
  3. Cloud: AWS, Heroku, Windows Azure Services, Rackspace

System Administration:

  1. Linux, Mac, Windows
  2. Nagios, Jake, Capistrano
  3. Wireshark, Snort, Forensic Toolkit, Autopsy, Metasploit

Software Development:

  1. Mobile: iOS, Android
  2. Frameworks: Cocos2D/-x (Obj-c/C++), PhoneGap (JS)


System Engineer - NBCUniversal, June 2014-Present

  1. Back and Front end of site
  2. Make cool stuff in Django, Javascript or whatever else is best

Independent Contractor, April 2011-Present

  1. Specialization in Twilio cloud telephony services, LAMP
  2. Ongoing contract maintaining a website using Node.JS, MongoDB and Heroku

PHP Developer, Kingsley Management, Sep 2011-April 2012

  1. Add digital invoice management to existing system
  2. Design and deploy resident portal with online rent payments
  3. Process and verify monthly payments via script

Systems Engineer, i.TV, April 2009-May 2011

  1. Administer all Cloud-based app and db servers for i.TV app
  2. Create efficient, scalable API and database for TV listings
  3. Handle Customer Service for legacy systems

Network Administrator, BYU CAEDM, July 2008-Aug 2009

  1. Create workstation images for college labs
  2. Virtualize software distribution for easy deployment
  3. Provide support for students/employees on lab machines

Lead Server, Los Hermanos, July 2006-May 2008

Volunteer Representative, Baltimore MD, May 2003-May 2005


B.S. degree, Information Technology,

Brigham Young University

  1. Computer Science, Minor
  2. Graduation date: December 2011
  3. Cumulative GPA: 3.1